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søndag den 29. december 2013

Remind Yourself of Happiness

This Poster Should Hang on Every Door and Every Wall in Every #Home and Every #Office. We Have to Remind Ourselfes Why We are Here On #Earth and What Our Main Purpose of Life is. If You Find Yourself Thinking #UnhappyThoughts, Please Remind Yourself That You Were Born to Live a Life With#Freedom and #Happiness. Everything is Possible With Happiness inside.

Happy Moments

"What will your children remember? Moments spent listening, talking, playing and sharing together may be the most important times of all."
-- Gloria Gaither

lørdag den 28. december 2013

Happiness is there Now.

#Happiness comes - by itself.
The moment you stop.
Stops all your longing, for something.
Having to achieve something, anything.
Be something or anyone
In fact, it's here - all the time.
But you cannot see it.
So busy you are, keep looking.
After it - somewhere else.
#Happiness is here all the time - by itself. 

-- Ivan Fruergaard (Denmark)

tirsdag den 24. december 2013

You Can't Buy Happiness

I wish I could give everybody on this #Planet a Great Gift of #Happiness, but as the quote it self says you can't buy #Happiness, its has to come from within yourself. Today #Happiness follow me everywhere. I know I am born with #Happiness and I will stay Happy until the day I die. This one of the key points to make a great #life. Wishing everybody a great and #happy #life.

Jan Ankerstjerne - Help and Inspiration

lørdag den 21. december 2013

fredag den 13. december 2013

onsdag den 11. december 2013

Challenge Yourself

Live Your Life with #Happiness and Joy. Everything Else is a Waste of Time. Be #Happy Every day. Teach Your Self to Live in the Now and You Will Feel Real Happiness.

tirsdag den 10. december 2013

Dont Worry, Be Happy.

Worries are a Waste of Good #Energy
The Best Thing You Can Do is to Live Here and Now. 
Enjoy the Moment and Be #Happy

fredag den 6. december 2013

Sounds of Happiness

Your feeling of happiness becomes bigger and bigger throughout your life when you remember to do things that makes you happy. - Jan Ankerstjerne 

torsdag den 5. december 2013

Happy Life

Find the time to discover your true #passion in life and be patient. Once you have done this, set 100% focus in that direction without giving up. Make a drawing or write any words, put it on the wall so you see it every day. After a while you will find that you automatically do small things every day that brings you in the direction of your #goal. Remember you must believe in the goal and not give up along the way even if your environment says otherwise. - Jan.

mandag den 2. december 2013

The Foundation Of Life.

To Achieve Real #Happiness in Your #Life
You Have To Take Care Of #Yourself, Love 
#Yourself and Be #Yourself in All Areas of
Your #Life. Foundation As Said.

søndag den 1. december 2013

Do Thing Which Makes You Happy

Follow the #Flow of #Life and Do What You #Intution Says
 and You Will Experience Real  #Happiness