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lørdag den 19. juli 2014

Use your heart in all areas of your life

Work from the heart and not the brain.
 This will lead you to a happy life and the
 life you always wanted.

torsdag den 17. juli 2014

Become a Happy and Positive Person Every Day.

#Happiness is when you find true happiness. The great feeling of being#happy about yourself every day. The great feeling of doing what is right for you and nobody else. When you discover this #wisdom, you won't go back to you old life. You have to work hard and practice to discover this, because we have all been raised to please each other and the society.

True freedom in your own life comes when you:

1 - Live in the "now".
2 - You are happy about yourself.
3 - Do things which makes you happy.
4 - Listen to your own inner voice instead of others.
5 - Think positive and optimistic about everything.

mandag den 14. juli 2014

Great and Happy News. I created a new website.

 If you like my posts and you also want to follow me and
my journey into deep happiness, you are welcome to visit 
my new website here.

Walking My Talk - Purpose of life.

Search everywhere for your purpose of life. 
You have to work hard and don't limit yourself. 
Its worth the searching and the time. 

onsdag den 2. juli 2014

Tony Robbins - The Art Of Happiness

Progress in Life creates Happiness. 
A great video where Tony talk about the art of happiness.